Literary Devices

The term literary devices refers to the structures/specific methods writers use in their works to convey information to their readers in a simple, complicated or interesting manner. When you understand these methods, you will be able to appreciate and analyze literary works.

Literary devices have two aspects namely Literary Elements and Literary Techniques both of which are discussed in detail here.

Literary Elements are constituents of all forms of narrative fiction that are extensively used by writers in the development of literary pieces. Literary elements include Plot, Mood, Character, Genre, Conflict, Dialogue, Narrative mode, Language, Pace, Point-of-view, Setting, Style, Tone, Action and Theme.

These elements help in the analysis and understanding of literary works.

Literary Techniques are techniques that writers use to produce a special effect in their writings or the way language is used in order to add more beauty to a literary work. Literary techniques are avoidable depending on the writer as opposed to literary elements which must be used.
Literary techniques include Allusion, Simile, Diction, Alliteration, Allegory, Epigraph, Euphemism, Foreshadowing, Imagery, Metaphor, Personification,